Scale your applications

As your business grow, we are here for you with more computing power starting with virtualized servers. Give more resources to your mission critial applications and achive stable web presence that is robust and more reliable

Better than shared hosting, as you need more storage space, or more power, you can seamlessly upgrade your VPS. Scale your server resources as your needs evolve!

Virtualization with great features

We'll be with you throughout your journey to greatness.

High Performance

We setup our servers to provide customers with 100% of the system’s capabilities. This gives you value for your money, spend less for more with our optimized configurations.

Security & Firewall

Our team will configure your server with firewall and do basic hardening for you, ensuring security right from the begining. Our security settings are fully customizable to suit your application.

Daily Monitoring

Our team will monitor your virtual servers daily, should there be any hiccup or interruptions, our team are always ready to asisst you 24hrs a day, 7days a week.